Knowing the precious elements

It is very important to know the various elements used for making of jewellery.

The primary element that goes into the making of jewellery is gold. Gold in its pure form i.e. 24K is too soft to be moulded into jewellery. So gold is either converted to 22K(92% gold & 8% alloy) or 18K(75% gold & 25% alloy). Plain gold jewellery is made in 22K as it is just hard enough to be moulded into intricate designs. Diamond and colourstone studded jewellery require more strength to hold the precious stones & therefore are crafted in 18K gold.

The next element is diamond. Diamonds have 4 factors that define its quality viz “the 4 Cs”-Cut, Colour, Clarity & Caratage. We at CarbonDrops use only “excellent”cut as it gives the best diamond luminescence. We offer a range of colour options i.e. E-F,F-G, G-H, I-J giving our customers options to fit as per their budget, covering almost all of the colour spectrum of diamond colour grading. Caratage is the weight of the diamond.

The next element is colourstones. Colour stones are natural and synthetic. Natural colourstones are of 2 types viz precious (ruby, sapphire, emerald) & semi-precious (citrine, amethyst, peridot, topaz, tourmaline, opal, coral, onyx & many more). Synthetic colourstones are man-made and are available in many colours. Natural colourstones are more expensive than synthetic. The price of natural colourstones depends on factors such as colour, clarity, cut & caratage.